V3 Esports

V3 Esports

  • Game LOL
  • Area Japan

Nội dung

V3, full name of V3 eSports, is the Japanese team in the LJL division of the League of heroes.

On September 6, Beijing time, the final of LJL division came to an end. In the face of DFM, the Challenger from the bottom, V3, the summer regular season champion, successfully stopped them in the final. With the disillusionment of DFM's five consecutive titles, a new champion team was born in Japan, and V3 will play S10 on behalf of Japan

This is not the first time V3 has met DFM in the final. A year ago, the final of the summer match was a head-on confrontation between the two teams, but DFM was the last to laugh at. They have never won the Japanese division title in the history of their team, and this championship is also the third team in the history of Japanese division to win the championship.

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