• Game LOL
  • Area Mexico

Nội dung

R7, the full name of rainbow7, is the Mexican team of the League of heroes, LLA division.

Congratulations to rainbow7, the champion of LLA division (Latin America), for winning the tickets for the 2020 global finals.

In the final of the LLA, rainbow7 beat AK, the champion of spring games 3-2, and won the League Championship they had been dreaming of once again. At the same time, rainbow7 also launched an impact on the world finals.

As one of the oldest teams in Mexico, Lyon gaming, the predecessor of rainbow7, has been established as early as 2013 and has dominated the North Latin American League for a long time. In 2017, they entered the qualifying stage of the world finals, leaving a deep impression on the world. However, at the end of 2017, Lyon was forced to change its name to rainbow 7 due to copyright issues, which is the current team.

The renamed R7 has not been able to continue its former glory. Although they won the championship of the spring competition in 2018, it has been hit continuously since then, and it will be reorganized in 2019. The restructured R7 has not been peaceful. It has suffered losses in several playoffs. However, in this summer's playoffs, R7 suddenly broke out. First, it defeated Azules 3:2, and then defeated its old opponent ISG (he retired two of his old players), and finally let the two chase three defeat the overlord AK. The sudden outbreak of the old-fashioned powerful team brought them back to the peak and enabled them to return to the peak Return to the world stage again. Compared with 2017, the whole staff of R7 has changed, and the traces of the past have already disappeared.