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MAD Team

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Mad The club is founded by Mr. Yu wenle, an internationally renowned artist. The club adheres to Mr. Yu wenle's love and persistence in e-sports, and takes "madness" as the team's belief and symbol. Through the establishment and operation of the club, we hope that more and more people will take E-sports as our own To be the favorite fellow of my life!

The birth of "mad team legend duel" (King's glory) and "mad team hero League" respectively inherited the "GCS legend duel professional E-sports team AhQ white" and "LMS hero league professional E-sports team AhQ fighter" respectively under the former AHQ E-sports club.

Yu wenle said: "games for me, from the beginning of simple happiness and a sense of achievement, to now has become a way for me to communicate with people and connect feelings." Yu said: "in the world of e-sports, no one can be a certain winner or immortal, but as long as you persist in the end, there will always be miracles happening, which is also what E-sports makes What I'm fascinated by. "


Mad team legend team spring match lineup announcement

This season, we are different, we are stronger

This season, we are the same, we will be as crazy

Spring lineup

Kaisa Road: yuzon

Nao: Neil

Middle road: Star

Magic Dragon output: 03.22

Magic Dragon assist: Kuku, Fanta

Analyst: Torres

Coach: OM

Coach: Vincent

In the new season, we have also experienced the rotation of members, but we have also added two senior assistants,

Let the original lineup more complete, but also stronger.

The former NVM assistant Kuku, with deep experience in e-sports, has a lot of brilliant performances after the transition to the legendary duel; in addition, the former one auxiliary Fanta, also a senior auxiliary player, has been wandering the legendary battlefield for a long time, and has also made an appearance in the season and World Competitions, often becoming a headache for the enemy.

I believe that the two will make mad team more attractive and become one of the most headache teams on the field. We look forward to the running in and performance of the team in the new season. This season, let's continue to be crazy.