Legacy Esports

Legacy Esports

  • Game LOL
  • Area Australia

Nội dung

LGC, the full name of legacy eSports, is the Australian team in the OPL division of the League of heroes.

On August 28, Beijing time, the LGC team successfully defeated order in the final of the second season of OPL (Oceania) division, and achieved the second consecutive championship in the region this year. As a result, S10's ninth team was born, LGC will start from the shortlist to fight S10, which is also the first wild card division to determine the champion.

This "veteran team" who has been playing in Oceania since 2015 has never won a division championship before. In the transfer period of 2019, they chose to leave only ADC and shuffle all other positions. With immediate results, they immediately became the most powerful team in Oceania, and in the summer of this year, OPL organized a LGC vs Australia all star (mixed teams of strong players selected from other teams), but LGC won easily.

Before that, the Australian division's overall performance in the world events was "nothing to be said", and LGC was responsible for bringing breakthroughs to the division.

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